Eagle Path Gift Shop

  • Address
  • 305 Yaya Lane (Suite #9)
  • El Paso, TX 79907
  • Hours of Operation
  • 9am-3pm (W-Sun); Closed (M/T)
  • For More Information
  • Phone: (915) 355-5477

Walk inside this charming shop and watch the artists create handmade pottery, art and jewelry with the most beautiful Native American details. Every handcrafted item tells a unique story with a combination of Native American symbols and colors.

Owned and operated by a family of creative artists, each item demonstrates the Alvidrez’s eye for beauty and patience for detail. The family’s friendliness is infectious and their knowledge is fascinating.  Whether you are looking for a fun mug, gorgeous turquoise necklace or iron cactus for your yard, this place has it all!