Casa Ronquillo

Casa RonquilloBuilt as a traditional Mexican Hacienda, this structure originally had 12 rooms built around a beautiful courtyard.  In the 1830’s, the building was owned by Jose Ignacio Ronquillo, a very prominent man, who served as the alcalde (presiding officer) of San Elizario as well as the Captain in Command of the San Elizario Presidio in the 1830’s. 

In the 1870’s, Charles Ellis – a prominent businessman and his wife, lived in the lavish home.  During the Salt Wars of 1877, Mr. Ellis was dragged to death thought the streets of San Elizario and buried in Casa Ronquillo’s courtyard. 

In the 1930’s the building was a Motor Inn but as the years passed, it became a rental property, one-room apartments and currently is an abandoned historic location. 

Off Alarcon Rd.
San Elizario, Texas 79849