Los Portales (Casa Garcia)

Los Portales As the most historical building in the area, Los Portales was built in the early 1850’s.  The structure was made of adobe, thick walls and supported by cottonwood rafters (vigas), saplings and thatch. Built in the territorial style, the structure features milled wood detailing as well as a distinctive inset gallery (Portal) which is why it has become known as Los Portales.

A local farmer, rancher and landowner by the name of Gregario Nacenieno Garcia constructed the building as his residency.  Throughout the years Mr. Garcia was the Captain of the Texas Rangers (1870) and the County Judge (1877).  Mr. Garcia donated the home to the town of San Elizario in the 1880’s and the building was used as a school.  Currently, the structure is home to the Historic District’s museum and information center. 

1521 San Elizario Rd.
San Elizario, Texas 79849