First Thanksgiving

Many of history’s expeditions in the US passed through the El Paso Mission Trail; the most famous of those expeditions was led by Juan de Oñate.

San Elizario Presidio and Chapel

In 1789, the Spanish established a presidio, military garrison, named “San Elceario” after the French patron saint of the military, San Elcear.   

San Elizario Jail and Billy the Kid

In 1850 after San Elizario became the First County Seat, the need for a jail turned this previous residence (1821-1848) into the first official San Elizario Jail. 

Los Portales (Casa Garcia)

As the most historical building in the area, Los Portales was built in the early 1850’s.  

Casa Ronquillo

Built as a traditional Mexican Hacienda in the 1800's, this structure originally had 12 rooms built around a beautiful courtyard.