Tigua Indian Reservation: Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Tiguas of Ysleta de Sur PuebloAs the oldest permanent settlers in the State of Texas, the Tiguas originally from New Mexico, relocated to the El Paso area after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

In 1682, the Tigua Indians built the Ysleta Mission and named it “Corpus Christi de la Ysleta”.  They also dedicated the mission to St. Anthony, the patron saint of the Tigua nation.  That same year, the temporary settlement of Ysleta became permanent when Cacique Juan Moro and War Captain Bartolo Pique founded Ysleta del Sur Pueblo “the Pueblo”.

In the late 1960’s, the State of Texas and the Federal Government recognized the Tiguas of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo as a Native American tribe and sovereign nation.  Currently, the Tiguas continue to be the only Pueblo tribe in the state and one of only three tribes in Texas.

Tiguas of Ysleta de Sur PuebloFor over 300 years, the Tiguas have maintained their traditions in both their political system and ceremonial practices. As the oldest community in the State of Texas, the Tiguas of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo continue to share their rich historical and cultural traditions through their annual events and museum.  Along the El Paso Mission Trail, annual events such as the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Pow Wow (May) and the Feast of St. Anthony (June) allow the public to participate in long standing Indian traditions while their museum, located inside the Tigua Indian Cultural Center, provides an in depth look into five centuries of rich Pueblo history and tradition.